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What are the things to consider in looking for a leather shredder machine

In view of the complex and changeable composition of industrial waste such as leather, from the perspective of comprehensive treatment, choosing a reasonable leather shredder machine can improve its treatment effect and efficiency, simplify subsequent treatment process routes, and reduce investment and operating costs. But what are the things to consider in looking for a leather shredder machine?Let's talk today.

leather shredder machine

1. Shred mode. For example, shear shredder, impact shredder, scraper shredder, pendulum shredder, gnawing shredder, etc.

2. Power. Generally, the power range of the crusher used for crushing leather is between 8 kW and 300 kW.

3. Drive mode. Common leather crushing equipment is mainly driven by electric motors and hydraulic motors.

4. The size of the feed port. This parameter determines the size of the material that the machine can crush.

5. Final product size after shredding. This parameter depends on the purpose of the shred leather.

6. Capacity. This parameter together with the size after shredding and installed power can show the crushing efficiency of the machine.

Summarizing the above points, you can choose a more suitable leather shredder machine, which greatly improves the efficiency of communication and consultation! Any questions about leather shredder, pls feel free to note us. You can call us: +86 158 3817 6062 (Whatsapp and Wechat), or send mail to: sales@gepecotech.com.

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