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What equipment in the waste tire disposal production line

The discarded tires become "black pollution". How to recycle waste tires has become a topic of great importance in many countries. GEP waste tire disposal production line is hot equipment for recycling waste tires. After crushing and sorting the waste tires, the next disposal process will be carried out.

GEP waste tire disposal production line is mainly composed of tire drawing machine, steel wire separator, GDT double-shaft, conveyors, magnetic separation iron remover and dust suppression system.

What equipment in the waste tire disposal production line

Process flow of waste tire disposal production line

The treatment process of waste tires is first drawing tire bead steel wire, then transport to double-shaft shredder, after crushing and steel wire separation, these tires will become knuckle sized rubber particles, and then the small rubber particles which contained small steel wire inside with be conveyed to the steel wire separator to crush and grind out the small steel wires, then steel wires will be separated by the magnetic separator.

Advantages of GEP waste tire disposal production line

Shredding and screening integrated design, modular layout, small land occupation;

GEP intelligent control system, to achieve multi-level equipment intelligent linkage, safety production;

The core equipment adopts high precision processing, good stability and low maintenance cost;

The product line is multiple purposed, which can meet the requirements of tire coarse crushing, fine crushing, steel wire separation, granulation, grinding, etc;

The production line runs at normal temperature without any chemical additives, which will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

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