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What is an Industrial Plastic Shredder?

What is an Industrial Plastic Shredder

By definition, a plastic shredder (aka plastic shredding machine) is a piece of machine used to break down big plastic into smaller pieces. Usually, the machine consists of one rotating knife with low rotating speed (45 RPM) but high torque, unlike plastic granulators that are the high speed at 500 RPM.

Single Shaft Shredder for industrial and commercial applications

Shredder Usage

Industrial Plastic Shredder are designed specifically as primary size reduction, and usually applicable for plastic waste, like purgings, housing, car bumpers, plastic in bale, pipes, drums, plastic rejects and other materials too big for crushers.

In the process, bulky plastic objects are fed into the shredder. The resulting shredded particles are then collected by belt conveyor and washed and processed in washing plants, such as friction washer and centrifugal dryer.

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