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What is the waste plastic shredder

The recycling of waste plastics will greatly improve our waste recycling, which plays an important role in saving the earth's resources and reducing the waste of resources. After all, there is only one earth, and in recent years, the country has paid more and more attention to environmental protection and resource regeneration. Resources are limited and we need to recycle them. Today, the equipment I share with you is waste plastic shredder developed by GEP ECOTECH for the recycling of waste plastic resources.

What is the waste plastic shredder

Contents of waste plastic:

Waste daily plastic products: plastic water cup, tablecloth, baby diaper, waste plastic bag or artificial leather bag, plastic cosmetic bottle, medicine bottle, etc.

Waste agricultural plastic products: waste plastic film, plastic film, pesticide packaging bags or bottles, etc.

Disposable plastic products: plastic bottles, plastic bags, foam for filling, plastic lunch boxes and cutlery.

GEP waste plastic shredder

GEP waste plastic shredder is GSS series single-shaft fine shredder, it is a new upgraded version of fine crusher with single shaft "motor + reducer" drive design, providing large shear force and ensuring high crushing efficiency. It is widely used in resource regeneration, RDF (household refuse derived fuel), plastic treatment, garbage treatment and other fields. It has the characteristics of small discharge particle size, replaceable screen, wide applicability and high efficiency.

If you are interested in the waste plastic shredder, welcome to communicate with me at any time. As the top manufacturer of solid waste shredding equipment, GEP ECOTECH will provide you with professional technical solutions.

How to Get a Customized Solution?

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Shredding & Recycling Solution for Different Materials

Benefiting from deep technical strength and years of accumulated experience, GEP Ecotech optimizes the processing technology of different materials to help users improve production capacity, reduce costs, improve safety, and increase profitability.