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What shredder equipment is suitable for oil drum crushing

Oil drums, that is, drums for holding oil, are generally made of iron sheet or plastic materials. Because of their flammability, they belong to hazardous waste. With the development of industry, the number of waste oil drums generated during industrial production is increasing, which brings many hidden danger...

oil drum

The tower-type hazardous waste shredder equipment is a set of intelligent, modular, one-stop hazardous waste pretreatment solutions developed by GEP ECOTECH based on the characteristics of gasoline, engine oil drums and other hazardous waste treatment.

shredder machine

This GEP ECOTECH tower-type hazardous waste shredder equipment can not only provide customers with professional intelligent shredder equipment, but also design and integrate a high-quality fire-fighting system with a professional fire-fighting company to achieve all-round safety prevention and control of the crushing process and ensure the efficient operation of the oil drum crushing line.

Equipped with fire fighting equipment, safe! Intelligent control, reliable! GEP ECOTECH tower-type hazardous waste shredder equipment is the ideal shredder equipment for oil drum crushing!

How to Get a Customized Solution?

Don't worry, we will help you design a one-stop solution, providing you with satisfactory service.


Shredding & Recycling Solution for Different Materials

Benefiting from deep technical strength and years of accumulated experience, GEP Ecotech optimizes the processing technology of different materials to help users improve production capacity, reduce costs, improve safety, and increase profitability.