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What shredder is used for shredding COVID-19 medical waste?

During the COVID-19, a large amount of medical waste was generated. In order to prevent secondary infections, medical waste should be disposed of in a timely manner to avoid accumulation of hospital waste and ensure the smooth progress of the epidemic.

There are many ways to dispose of medical waste. According to the research of scientific researchers, whether it is incineration, centralized landfill or disinfection and destructive reduction treatment, it needs to be shredded first to promote the effective decomposition of medical waste and make it prone to physical changes.

medical waste shredder

The GEP ECOTECH GD6 medical waste shredder is driven by a motor with double-knife rollers. Its shear-type imported knives can directly crush medical waste to smaller sizes. The single machine output is 0.5-7t/h, after crushing and treatment, the volume of medical waste can be reduced by about 50% to 85%, and the weight of the medical waste can be reduced by about 20%, then it becomes harmless municipal waste.

The metal and plastic particles collected after being crushed and processed by the GEP ECOTECFH medical waste shredder can be sold or reused, and the value has been improved. GEP ECOTECH focuses on solid waste disposal equipment and strives to make its own contribution to the fight against the COVID-19!

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