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Why is the price difference so big of double-shaft shredders

How much is this equipment? Customers often ask this question when consulting the double-shaft shredder. In fact, the market price of double-shaft shredder is very different, even for the same type of equipment, the quotation of different manufacturers is not the same. Why is the price of the double shaft shredder so different? GEP ECOTECH will tell you today.

Why is the price difference so big of double-shaft shredders

In fact, the reason for the huge price difference between the double-shaft shredders is that the price difference between the different shredders in the market is more than double, which is mainly due to the cutters and reducers.

The selection of cutter material is a direct factor affecting the equipment price, but not a single factor. It is very important to choose the material for the cutter of the double axis shredder, but the starting point is to determine the characteristics of the material. Cheap steel plate welding cutter is used for the double axis shredder, while the cutter of GEP double-shaft shredders is made of wear-resistant material imported from Europe. Even if the equipment models are similar, the price will be several times different.

The reason why the double-shaft shredder can tear up all kinds of hard or thick materials is that it has a strong bite force, which requires a strong torque. At present, there are many types of reducers in the market, and various brands are in disorder. The strategy of low-cost double shaft shredder manufacturers is generally low price. They will use small manufacturers to produce small models of reducers to protect their own interests by strictly controlling the cost. This kind of reducer may be OK in the general processing of low hardness materials, but once it encounters high hardness materials or in the high-strength processing state, it is very easy to have insufficient conversion power and gear grinding.

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