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Why the double shaft shredder have different price?

When buying a double shaft shredder, many customers will ask in the first sentence: how much is it, please give me a price. Actually it is a hard question, the price of equipment depends on many factors, it is not a question that can answer in one second, so it is good to know more about the price factors when you want to purchase a double shaft shredder.

First the price is determined by different demand, for example, the material will be disposed, the final product size is needed, or the final industry will the final products be used, and the capacity is needed per hour. Different requirements will make different solution design, so the price is totally different.

double shaft shredder

Secondary, the quality is very different, the quality is determined by many factors, for example, the cutter of double shaft shredder, the bearing brand, the shaft material, the different material will make different use time and different fault. Also the machining ability will influence the machining precision, then influence the shredder quality.

movable cutter

Besides this two factors, the after-sale service, the solution design will also influence the price. So when you want to purchase a double shaft shredder, ask several manufacturers to compare the above aspects, this will be helpful to make a right a decision.

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