Bulky Waste Shredding and Sorting System

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Bulky Waste Shredding and Sorting System

Bulky Waste Shredding and Sorting System

Detailed introduction

With the gradual improvement of people's living standards and the upgrading of consumption concepts, more and more large-sized garbage has been discarded. The large-size garbage mainly consists of used sofas, used mattresses, wood tables and chairs, wooden doors, office furniture, used quilts, and used bicycles. The decoration materials are mainly used. The garbage is large in size, light in weight, high in transportation cost, and inconvenient to operate and handle. Large-scale garbage discarded at will occupies a large area of land, hinders public transportation, affects the appearance of the city, seriously pollutes the environment, and brings great difficulties and hidden dangers to urban construction and environmental sanitation.

Bulky Waste Shredding and Sorting

The large-sized garbage components are mainly wood, sponge, metal, fabric, etc., and have high recycling value. Therefore, the reduction of volume and the utilization of resources are the only way to deal with large-scale garbage.

GEP-Bulky Waste Recycling Large-scale garbage recycling system The whole system design is based on the principle of crushing, volume reduction, sorting and transshipment, and according to the actual production conditions of each city and region and the destination of the final disposal.

Production line process

At present, this type of treatment is the most widely used and has been widely used in major cities in China. Small footprint (about 300m2 for stacking and complete equipment), large processing capacity (about 20-50m³ /h, or 5-10t/h), good sound insulation (within 80dB), no waste liquid, gas discharge . The location of the processing center will not be affected by noise, people, communities, schools and other factors. The system is simply crushed and reduced capacity (within 200mm). After magnetic separation, it can be directly sent to the garbage truck or compressed car to the garbage disposal plant.

Processing flow chart

Processing flow chart

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